Why do people give to Charity  – there are different reasons why Individuals donate t

Imageo Charities but the basic factor is we have sympathy for the plight of individuals much less fortunate than ourselves.

£1 donated equates to 1p actually being received by the needy recipient whether it be in the form of Grain for food,Medical Assistance or clean water projects.Then if it reaches its destinantion un-interfered by Rebels or thieves.

Throughout the World 24 thousand men women and children die of starvation on a Daily Basis even with our contributions getting through without interference.

   Charity begins at home is an old saying but true ,think of the Draconian Austerity Measures that have been introduced in the UK ,Poverty is on a par with 1913 figures.Food Banks are now a supplementary necessity for families on the Breadline because the Welfare State has abandoned them but has increased Overseas Aid by 3.4% and that diverts into Dictators Pockets.

   Why are our High streets now full of Charity Shops – because it is big Business.The Savation Army Hostels are now S A PLC.The British Red Cross pay its CEO Sir Nick Young £184,000 per anum.Oxfams Lady Stocking receives £119,000 per anum the list goes on.

During adverse conditions such as War we as a Country United for a common cause,lets revive that spirit and remember many UK families are struggling through no fault of their own.We can help by donating whatever to a local Food Bank.This is not an appeal on behalf of anyone just a reminder we have a social obligation to look after our own that the Government have abandoned.


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