There is only one option for Cameron’s third way – resign .He’s like a fish out of water he must be on at least his 103rd way ,obviously he doesen’t get it the Public are sick of his and his cohorts BS.

Cameron like Nicholson has more front than Blackpool ,we the Public have no faith in your lying Politics nor any of the other main Parties you all lie in the same corrupt bed.

Thatcher woke us up to how draconian and malicious and self-serving you all are and we haven’t forgotten .Blair pushed the boundaries and you just continue .Unlike Nicholson ,Hester the CEO of RBS has fallen on his sword and made the Public aware that Osborne’s sell off has its flaws and quoted smug Osborne as saying “if we fail to make the desired price we’ll just blame it on Labour.Politicians are a Corrupt Minority pretending to run the country .We have only contempt rather than respect .


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