Cameron is running from one rescue mission to another for his credibility ,he has just promised £375 million to Foreign Aid ,whilst we have Poverty in this Country .No wonder Blair repealed the Treason Act .Labour now is just another wing of the Tories with Millionaire Miliband following traitor Blair’s doctrine to join forces with limp wristed Dave to try and keep UKIP out of the race .

Hitler would have been proud of the deception the British Public are enduring ,but who’s fault is that the majority of the British public .Thatcher instilled in us ‘competition ‘ a dog eat dog mentality .

It is only those more vulnerable within our society that voice their opinions because they have been totally let down by this Country  and been left out on a limb .Take a moments pause to reflect that the changes will eventually affect you when your voice will be too late .I’m alright Jack is their motto – let it not be ours .


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